I went up to Vermont with David last weekend for the ski race.  We got up way too early, but way too late for the race on Saturday.  The sky was still dark and I slept through the whole driving portion of the trip.

I sat in the lodge on Saturday since we we straight to the mountain (see above on late-ness) and worked on my Jezabel.  It is almost done, except a few rows on the neck.   The team did decent and we went and have pizza for dinner.

The next day, when the team got up for the race, I stayed behind lounging/sleeping in my pj and in the motel, with the beautiful snow outside, falling fast and furious.  I waited till time to check out, and slowly cleaned out my car and went to White River Yarn and waited for them to open.  I discovered the shop last year around this time and was eager to see Lois again.  I stayed for three hours and then after saying my goodbyes, I drove over to Woodstock for some shopping and also check out Wippletree.  


I actually got there in time for them to close, so I didn’t really get to see it properly.  I did buy couple skeins of yarn, but I’ll show that at a later date, as the lighting has been bad during the time I’m home and I couldn’t take any decent pictures. 

I also went to Thistle Bath and Body to check out their handmade soap.


I couldn’t help but come home with some soap!!!!


I have super sensitive skin, so I’m always afraid to try soap, unless it is doctor recommended, or I’ve already tried before and that it doesn’t dry out my skin or make me itch for no reason.  So when I saw the soap stack, it was perfect for me to try.  I already started using Green Tea and so far, I love it.  It has a nice scent, mild and subtle but lingers around enough to relaxes you, and my skin feels moisturized after using it.

I only get to really visit the two shops before David showed up.  You know what that means – I’ll have to go again!!! 🙂


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