Cocoa Swapn 2 Savenger Hunt

I know, it doesn’t say Vermont.  And I’ll save that for another day, but today, I must participate for the savenger hunt, since I would be late if I don’t.

1.  Who wants to try plant fibers? Emily
2.  Who wants to learn to crochet? Michelle
3.  Who collects yarn? Mary Lynn
4.  Who loves yellow?  Alicia
5.  Who doesn’t like fruit flavors?  Apparently, JUST ME!
6.  Who loves Malabrigo (who doesn’t??? hahaha) ?  Ruth
7.  Who has one mitt to go to finish her Endpaper Mitts? Elizabeth
8.  Who’s favorite animal is a dog? Chelle
9.  Who likes to paint? Kathy
10. Who has too many stitch markers? Ariel
11. Who likes Bailey’s in their cocoa? Sarah
12. Who likes Starbucks salted caramel cocoa? Darcy
13. Who can’t stand vanilla flavored cocoa? Channon
14. Who’s favorite animal is a hedgehog? Ariel
15. Who might stab themselves over Neon Yarn?  Laurie
16. Who’s oldest UFO is at least 15 years old? Kate
17. Who likes crystallized ginger? Chelle
18. Who likes whipped cream in their cocoa? Penny
19. Who likes marshmallow fluff in their cocoa? Becca
20. Who needs stitch holders? Holly


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