Dear _:

NOTE:  This post is NOT PG-13.  Profanity may be used throughout.  Read at your own risk.


Dear CITI Group,

Thank you so very much for screwing us up on the house we really want.   Because of your slowness and retardedness, we had to sign FIVE contracts in the period of 2 months.  FIVE!  I thought contracts are something you are good at!  How do you make the fucking mistakes that you did?  Now how can anyone trust you with their money?

I mean, don’t you want to sell the damn house?  I thought the longer you have a foreclosure house, the more money you lose.  IF you know what the hell you are doing, then we would have bought this house, closed it, remodeled it and moved in by now.  But no.  Instead, we are living in our current house, being denied of a mortgage because of a law change.  A law change that could have been avoided if you weren’t so FUCKING SLOW!

You can be sure you will not get a penny from me again.  None of your affliated groups either.

No Love, jennsquared

Dear Mortgage Guy,

Thank you for not knowing your shit.  Because of that, you gave us false hope and a pre-approved mortgage.  If the law has just changed, meaning within three months, then I could have given you some credit and benefit of doubt.  However, the fucking law changed back in July.  JULY!  So let me ask you,  what the fuck are you doing?  No wonder the mortgage business is in the shit hole.  Thanks a lot.

No Love, jennsquared


With all that said, there are bright side of things.  We had saved up a chunck of cash for our down payment.  Now we can pay down some credit cards better, and be able to travel more freely.  We are very excited about the travel part. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Dear _:

  1. I’m so sorry, Jenn. It would have been really great if you lived close to me. But as you said, there is a bright side. So have fun traveling now that you have the money to do so.

  2. Ugh, I hate banks and mortgage people. We almost didn’t get out house because of the dumbass we worked with at People’s bank. Sorry to hear about the house but like you said, at least you can use that money now for other more fun things!

  3. I’m sorry to hear about all the hell you’ve been going through. I was just wondering the other day if anything happened with the house or not. I also would have liked it if you lived closer to me, but as you said there is a bright side. Have fun with traveling!

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