Another One In The Bag!


Pattern – David’s Toe Cozies by jennsquared 
Yarn Used – 3/4 oz of Schaefer Yarn Anne in Indigo
Needles – Option size 1.5
Gauge – 8 sts per inch
Knit – January 02, 2009 to January 11, 2009
Modification – N/A

David doesn’t like hand knit items.  He doesn’t like the way it feels on his skin, and he’s hot all the time.  He wears short sleeve polo or tee all year round, and needless to say, I was happy in a way that I get to knit more stuff for me.

However, years ago, he had gotten frost bite on his toes, so his toes are always cold.  Right before the skiing season this year, he asked me to come up with something that will keep his toes warm, but not a whole sock that will make the rest of his feet hot.  The toe cozies were born.

It is really easy.  All I did was measured his feet size and used the Universal Toe Up Sock Pattern and my gauge to calculate the amount of stitches to cast on.  I then used the Magic Cast-On to cast on the toe up, and modify it from there.


I’ve noticed I haven’t post any food this week.  Well, I haven’t really cooked this week either!  David is on a ski trip so I just ate whatever I found.  Lazy, I know.  But last night, I was craving some real dinner, so I made this Moroccan Style Tilapia with Parmesan Couscous.  I didn’t have coriander, so I used chopped fresh cilantro on the coating instead.  And I didn’t make the mango sauce either, but it was good without it.  As for the couscous, I had couple boxes of Parmesan Couscous, but I cooked it with vegetable broth.  Once it was done (only five minutes!!!)  I added real grated Parmesan cheese with fresh cilantro to tie the flavors together.  It was YUM.


Just looking at the pictures made me hungry and want to make more.


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