SnB – Rock Band Style

Periodically Anphoe would invite a bunch of us over to her house to knit, eat and play.  The first time we went there, we were there till 2am!  We had a blast playing guitar hero then, but this tme, Anphoe has Rock Band 2!!!


David joined me this time and we arrived early so I can make Chicken Piccata.  All the food were great and yummy.  And right before we moved over from the kitchen table from food to play rock band, the girls suprised me and Knelley with some birthday presents!


I had the piggie theme and Knelley’s were balls! 😀   Thanks girls!!! 🙂

Rock Band was a lot of fun, like always.  I even tried the drums this time.  And I had a picure to prove that I had the longest note!


See, player 2!  That’s me!

We all had a great time!  Thanks Anphoe for hosting us!


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