It has always been my favorite city.  David’s too.  One day, we will move there.  But until then, we try to go there as much as we can, although time always get in the way.

David suggested we go somewhere for my birthday/new year and originally the idea was for NYC.  It’s closer, and the metro north is easy to get to and cheap.  But, we thought about it, and we know if we want to see the ball drop, we will have to be there super early, and we won’t be able to walk around places because we will have to stand at the spot we want for the ball drop, which doesn’t sound too much fun.  On top of that, the hotel prices is probably insane.  So we decided to go to Boston.  

We pricelined the Seaport Hotel for the night and were debating if we should take Amtrak or drive in the snow.   I had some points that would get me to Boston but not enough for round trip for two.  So we decided the brave the weather to drive.  And it wasn’t bad!  There were more snow by the shoreline than up by EBF Connecticut.

We had a late start and didn’t get to Boston untl 5pm.  It was SOOOO cold.  With windchill, it was -12 degrees.  We tried walking around the Boston Commons but it was so cold we just duck into a near by restaurant, Rock Bottom.


David's Turkey and Ham Sandwich

David's Turkey and Ham Sandwich


Jenn's Blue Corn Enchiladas

Jenn's Blue Corn Enchiladas

Jenn's Mud Pie Ice Cream Sundae

Jenn's Mud Pie Ice Cream Sundae

We were so hungry we chowed down everything!  And you can tell from the pictures that we started eating, then remembering to take pictures!

After dinner, we tried to go to the commons again, and saw the tree and an ice sculpture.



But after just a brief walk around, we decided that it’s not worth the pain to walk around anymore.  And we went back to our hotel and watched New Year’s Eve Count Down with Carson Daly.  Yes, we watched NYC count down in a Boston hotel…  Oh well.  At least we weren’t cold!  FirstNight cancelled the midnight fireworks because the wind was too strong.  Otherwise we would have tried to go see that when it’s closer to time.


The next day, it was just as cold, but the sun came out, so we checked out our hotel and went to Fanuiel Hall for food and took the T to the Prudential Center.


We did some quick shopping and left our favorite city, giving us enough time to visit David’s mom and for me to get back for the New Years Day SnB!

We had a good time even though we didn’t get to do much.  But just being away for a day makes it all special.  Hope all your new year’s eve was as special as mine.


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