When Your Freezer Gives You Chicken Breast…

…  Try making this Chicken Piccata Recipe for dinner!


Simply Recipes yet again saved my dinner!  I’ve taken out butterflied chicken breasts from the freezer but didn’t know what to make with it.  I searched foodnetwork, but nothing jumped out at me.  And when I went to Simply Recipes, the chicken piccata just looked amazing.  One thing – I didn’t have capers.  I used to buy them all the time, but for some reason I haven’t stock them in my shelves for quite awhile.  But my brother was nice and pick it up on the way home.

I used rice flour instead of regular flour, and Romano cheese instead of Parmesan cheese.  And I used the chicken stock to make it a non-alcoholic version.  It was YUM.  I bet the dry white wine version would be good also if you like to cook with wine.

In addition, the rice is a new rice I’m trying out – haiga rice.  Supposedly it has the haiga that’s missing on the white rice.  And no I didn’t buy it from amazon.  I got it from a Chinese grocery store for a much better pricing ($24/15lbs).  It is a big step for me to try out new rice, as rice is a staple in my diet and I am very picky about it.  For a long time, I’ve been buying Nishiki short grain.  And Nishiki also has the haiga, but not in my grocer.  So I bite the bullet and try Tamaki and it is just as good.  I don’t taste any difference although apparence-wise, the haiga rice looks more yellow-y, more like a brown rice color, but not as dark.  (You can’t get me to switch to brown rice to save my life!)


Onto the knitting…


See those sleeves?  They are sewn up but still on the needles?  Yeah…  I ran out of yarn. 😦  I’m upset and I almost wanted to yell at the pattern for lying to me.  I’m thinking of taking apart the gauge swatch and see if it will help, but I don’t think it will because I still have the whole neck to make up.  I do have 1/3 of ball left from making the body though, and that MAY be enough for the neck.  ::sigh::  What to do????

I emailed my LYS where I purchased this yarn a year ago (maybe even two years ago!  I can’t remember) to see if they have couple more leftover from somewhere, but I don’t have a lot of confidence.  We’ll see what happens.

Well, time to get ready to meet some friends for lunch.  Have a good day!


3 thoughts on “When Your Freezer Gives You Chicken Breast…

  1. That chicken looks soooo good! I have some capers in the fridge and some chicken in the freezer, so maybe I’ll give it a try soon.
    That stinks about your yarn; I hope the LYS will find a hidden ball for you!

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