Merry Christmas!

Were you on the nice or naughty list???


We’ve gotten lots of cards from friends and family.  I love getting Christmas cards.  I think they mean more than any material things.  It’s the thoughts and time people put into that really counts in my book.

So besides the cards, I purchased the three VK Stitchionary books for myself when VK had a 60% off on selected books!  SIXTY PERCENT OFF!  So each book was only about 12 dollars.  THEN!  If you are a VK mag subscriber, there is a tiny code on the bottom of the magazine, and it gives you another 30% off!!!!!  With shipping, I ended up paying 30 bucks for them!

I also purchased a new lunch bag for myself:


I know, buying myself a lunch bag for Christmas does sound lame.  But it has become apparent that I needed one badly at my new job.  I got it from under a friend’s recommendation.  Absolutely LOVE it!  It’s made with neoprene and it has lots of room.  I think it’s rather stylish for a lunch bag, don’t you think?

The same day the lunch bag came, we also gotten this in the mail:

img_0084Harry and David’s gift box from Dad and Sher!  I always heard awesome things about them but have never tried it or gotten one before.  The pears were SO GOOD!  David has been munching on the cheese.  YUM.  They also had send us a card along with some Hanukka gelt and a Visa gift card, which we plan on spending on new year’s eve.  (More on that later!)

David’s mom came down before the big snow storm and stayed with us.  She gave us a Simpson Beach Towel (David loves the Simpsons) and this for our new house:


A finch feeder!  We have a big yard now, but the new yard will be big as well, and I think it would be a nice addition.  (I also wants a green house, but I’ll work on that later)

Our realtor Mel, who is more like a friend than just a realtor to us, gave me this:


I’ve been admiring her similar necklace for quite awhile now and she got me one!  It was very sweet of her and I love it!

And I also gotten this from my best friend Itchy:


I think she made it!  And it’s in my favorite color! 🙂  I also gotten another package from her via Keys.  I’ve been looking for chemical free face and body care for awhile now and she’s been using Keys and loves them.  She sent me some trial size items to try out.  I started using them last night and can’t say I know much yet since I’m so new at it.  But it smells natural and nice though! 🙂  And there is no added scents, all scents are from the ingredients that made up the lotion or wash.

One last thing we’ve gotten, which isn’t exactly for Christmas, but it’s good:


RUM CAKE!!!!  In this case, SIX rum cakes! 🙂  It has 6 different flavors – golden original, chocolate, pineapple, coconut, banana, and keylime.  I already chowed down the chocolate one…  SO GOOD!  See, they went on a cruise to celebrate their 2 year wedding anniversary and we dog sit their dog, who is Mick’s best friend.  When they returned, they brought back rum cakes for us!  Well, more like for me 😛

So I guess we were on the nice list.  I hope you all are on the nice list as well.

Merry Christmas.


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