An Olde England Seasonal Celebration

The holiday season to me is always the gathering of friends and family.  The parties that get us all together to celebrate the year past and welcoming the new year coming.   So when nottus and her husband M invited us to join them for an olde England sasonal celebration, I couldn’t say no.  (I only because David has to work so he couldn’t go.) 

Archiknist and I arrived promptly at 7 and was welcomed with the beautiful smell of mince pie and mulled wine.  And shortly after, CinderOla and her husband J, Sunflowerfairy and her husband D, editorgrrl, SheShootSheepShot and her husband D, QueenofSalvages, BabyBeth, and KnittingEwe arrived.  Everyone tried the mince pie, which I’ve never had and was surprised with the filling (It was YUM!).  BabyBeth brought some figgy pudding, which was also yum.  M and I both agreed that it reminds us of carrot cake except with the fig seeds.

nuttos took some picture while we are busy stuffing our faces and play Apples to Apples.  If you never heard or played it before, you are missing out.  I find the game extremely hilarious and fun.  Everyone had a good time and most of us didn’t leave till 1:30am!!!  

A good time was had by all at this olde English Seasonal Celebration!  And hopefully you had a good time this weekend as well.


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