Etsy Street Team Connecticut Holiday Spectacular!

I love handmade stuff.  Always have.  I also love MAKING handmade stuff.  So when I saw the Holiday Spectacular flyer from Esty Street Team Connecticut blog, I was excited to attend, and it’s a bonus that it wasn’t too far.


I forgot to take a picture of the room all the vendors are in, but it was warm and cheery with holiday feel in the air.  I’ve gone through all the vendor first without making purchases, and then went back to the ones I really want.


My new earrings!  I love the vintage feel to them.  I don’t know where these branches came from, but some other earrings/pendants are from vintage books, vintage stamps, pressed leaves or flowers…  you  name it, she’s got it.  I love the elegant feel to it too.  I really wanted to buy more stuff but I refrained myself.  But I will definitely be back to visit in the future.



My next purchase is a mini scrapbook.  I supposed I could make it myself easily.  But it’s nice to support fellow crafters too.  It has a little snowman charm with it too.  I can’t wait to select some picture to go with it!

And that’s it!  That’s all I bought!  Although I really like stuff from Spoiled Baby Design, Design By Galina and Sulimos Design as well.  Sue from Sulimos Design is also teaching Precious Metal Clay class and I’m thinking of taking it!  (Thanks for your influence MamaE!)

So I’m excited for my purchases and my self-imposed budget.  Tomorrow, a post about a gathering!


One thought on “Etsy Street Team Connecticut Holiday Spectacular!

  1. Hi Jenn!
    Thank you so much for mentioning the show! It was completely a fun event, thank you for coming! Love those earrings 🙂 Thank goodness I was stuck at my booth, who knows what kind of damage I could have done to my checkbook that day!

    Also, please come on down to the Precious Metal Clay classes ~ I just posted a bunch on my site and on Etsy too… 🙂 Glass, PMC with glass, and just regular old PMC!

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