Showing Off…

My new pair of socks!


Pattern – Olympic Medal Socks by Frau Hugs
Yarn Used – 238 yards of Schaefer Yarn Co. Anne in Indigo
Needles – Option size 1.5
Gauge – 8 sts per inch on size 1.5
Knit – November 01, 2008 to November 08, 2008
Modification – I reduced one pattern repeat for the front of the socks, so total stitch count is 58 sts instead of 66 sts called for.

I LOOOOVE this pattern although at times it was a bit hard to read it since I’m not a “read the pattern” girl and the pattern has a lot of “reading” and it just ain’t my thing.  Also I draw over the chart to use symbols I’m more familiar with 😛  But it helped me speed up the whole chart reading process though.

The Sock Pentathlon officially ends with the fifth socks finished.  I had some frustration with this whole competition thing and would probably never do it again, although I *almost* thinks this one beautiful pattern was *almost* worth it.  (If this even make sense!)

Next show off are the Market Bag I’m making for Schaefer –


Pattern – Ashlee’s Market Bag by Ashlee McCaskill
Yarn Used – 1 skein of Schaefer Yarn Co. Susan in Althea Gibson
Needles – Option size 8 & 9
Gauge – N/A
Knit – October 20, 2008 to November 08, 2008
Modification – N/A

I was suppose to make three of these out of one skein, but it didn’t quite made even two bags!!!  Let me show you:


See how the top one is smaller than the bottom one?  yeah…  I made the first one 19 inches long using the Turkish stitch, which is the mesh design, but by the second one, I barely had enough yarn to even make 19 inches.  So I emailed Schaefer and it turned out it was suppose to 19 inches total.  Oh well.  As you can see, the handle of the second one isn’t quite the same color of the body, that’s because it’s not the same yarn!  I ran out and I didn’t want to frog back so Archiknist suggested using a complimentary yarn to make handle.  And I have to say, I like that better than the first bag for sure.  Hopefully Schaefer likes it too.

And yes, Mick really wanted to be in the picture!

Now onto the Laurel Bags…  Only if I can find the damn pattern!  I’ll never clean anymore!  Yeah! 😛


4 thoughts on “Showing Off…

  1. Your Summer Olympics Medals Socks are absolutely lovely.
    I’ve been combing the Internet for sock 5 of the Sock Knitters Pentathlon, and I see you have made a beautiful pair. If you have an electronic copy of the pattern, I would love to have it, as it is impossible to download it from Ravelry — there is a glitch on the page which does not allow downloading. Yet Frau Hugs says it is free. Oh dear me. I’d love to have the pattern.
    Priscilla in MD

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