Omaha Steaks, You Did Not Disappoint!

On October 22, I wrote about the deal from and since then, they have caught on and change the deal.  But since mine was shipped the day I ordered, I wasn’t too worried.  Until two days ago.  I received an email from Omaha Steaks saying that there was a mistake and that the 12 free burgers could not be combined with any other deal, blah blah blah.  But last night I came home to this – all 20 burgers, individually wrapped, sitting in a cooler on my front step.  They are all vacuum sealed and only one broke, causing some interesting clean up.  But for $1.98 shipped, I am not complaining.  And the only reason it broke, I believe it’s because UPS screwed up and shipped my order to Rhode Island first (it says on the tracking thing).  I suppose I could call UPS, but I’m afraid it’s going to be more hassel than anything.

I’m glad my order came though, and I’m sorry for those that had the rules changed on them mid way.  I personally think that’s pretty poor business decision.  If you want to change rules, go ahead, but honor all the orders that your computer took!!!  It’s called learn from your mistake!!!  I know lots of people had report them to BBB and if you are one of the ones that tried the deals and have them change the rules on you mid way and didn’t get what you wanted, I would suggest you to go to BBB too.

On a completely different note – Did you notice I’ve been blogging more?  Three days in a row baby!  (shuuu… I don’t want to jinx it…  Oh wait, I just did.  DOH!)


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