7 Tubs, Plus Some More…

I think this picture sums it all:

Yes, those 7 tubs contain almost all of my yarn I’ve ever owned!!!  I actually have couple bags on top of those tubs now for some more fibers and yarn.

And look at my sad empty yarn wall:

But it’s all good.  This is all in preparation of us getting the house.  ::finger corssing::  The plan is when our tenants downstairs move out in a few weeks, we’ll move downstairs with bare minimum and show both apartments at the same time.  That is the plan anyways.  Who knows what will happen.

But I did learn one thing tonight – I need to go on a yarn diet.


3 thoughts on “7 Tubs, Plus Some More…

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of yarn! But then again I shouldn’t talk 😉 If all of mine was in one place at one time, it would probably look the same!

    Good luck with the house & Happy Howl-o-ween!!

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