Honeymoon, and Tips for Traveling to Europe!!!

I finally got all the pictures done and figure out how I want to present all 900 pictures.  Yes, you read that right, 900.

2008.09.22 – 10.03 Honeymoon in Europe Album 1
2008.09.22 – 10.03 Honeymoon in Europe Album 2

I separated them into two albums because Picasa will only allow 500 pictures in one album max! But we did go for 2 weeks so it’s hard not to have that many pictures!!!

All pictures are captioned (well, most of them anyways) so hopefully you can get some of the thoughts that went through our head as we went through these country.  To give you an idea, here was our itinerary – mind you, a lot of these were last minute ideas since that’s what we wanted. (We rented a big car just in case we had to sleep in the car! :P)

Day 1:  Arrive to Frankfurt, Germany.  Rent the car and drive along the Rhine River and stay in one of the castles on the river.

Day 2:  Check out of the castle and drive to Dusseldorf and met up with my friend Jess, and proceed to scrap Amsterdam from our tentative itinerary and stayed with Jess for the night instead.  Also, pricelined hotel for Paris.

Day 3:  Say goodbye to Jess and Matt and leave for Paris.  Decided on the drive that we will take a detour to Brussels for a few hours before going to Paris.  

Day 4, 5:  Paris!!!!  We stayed in Sofitel!!!  Pricelined it for an awesome price!!!  Highly recommend you do the last minute priceline hotel for Europe.

Day 6:  Drive, drive, and drive some more to go through France and go to Italy.  The countryside of France is gorgeous and we drove by Dijon!!!  mmm… mustard…  Gone through Mont Blanc Tunnel and stayed in Milan for the night.

Day 7:  Went to see Milano Duamo in the morning and drove to Venice and stayed at Venice.

Day 8, 9:  Venice!  Not what we were expected, for sure.

Day 10:  Leave Venice, drove through the Austria Alps and back to Frankfurt for the night.

Day 11:  Bye Bye Europe.

Overall we had a great time in Europe.  Paris is my favorite, and driving on the autobahn is David’s favorite.  We probably would never go back to Venice again, although we do really want to go back to different parts of Italy.

So to summarize, here is a list of things we’ve learned while in Europe:

  • People generally respect the traffic rules.  When driving on autobahn, part of it has no speed limit and all the cars that drives slow will move out of the way and when the speed limit comes on, all the cars, including the ones that are driving super fast, will hit the brakes and slow down.  And this also applies to Belgium and France, however, the Italians do not care.  They drive awful and they are right on you like no one’s business.  Not. Cool.
  • Spend more days in Le Louvre.  One day will not give you enough time to see the entire museum.  We want to go back.
  • Mona Lisa is actually not that big of a painting, however, it is the only painting in the entire museum that are enclosed in glass case with a semi-circle railing separate the general population away from the painting.  Also, two security guards were stationed right there.  The other rooms are one guard for each room if not one to two rooms.
  • Venice is very over-rated.  The whole city smells like a toilet and there is no way I would get into a gondola (and it costs 120 euro for a ride!!!).
  • Food in Venice isn’t that great.  If you want great Italian food?  Go to little Italy here in the US.
  • All spaces occupiable in Venice consisted of 4 different business:  *Hotel, Restaurant, Souvenir Shop, Murano Glass Shop.  Reapt from * until end.
  • Parisian food is just as good as you can imagine, and just as good as your friend who went to Paris said.  Love Parisan dishes.
  • Burano 
  • Tolls in France and Italy are insane.  If you ever go, take the train.  But drive in Germany!!!
  • Sleeping cart on train is much cheaper than hotels.  If we do it again, we will travel at night, sleep on the train and have lots of fun during the day without worrying about the tolls and where to park!!!
  • Mont Blanc tunnel costs 34 euros each way.  That’s like US $50 to go through a tunnel!!!
  • Read the menu before you order!  Most of places get you on your drinks!!!  We paid US $8 to $9 for a small glass of diet coke in Paris and Venice!!!!
  • Wheeled backpack saves your back!!!!  We bought one from Samsonite before we left and we are so thankful we did.  We get to bring snacks and water bottles and laptop and not kill our backs!!!
  • The all-in-one passes are not always as good as they made out to be.  If you are only staying for short amount of time, consider buying individual pass in each museum instead.
  • Look for deli’s for cheap lunch and dinner in Paris.  The food was great and much more affordable than the restaurants.
  • Italian hotel standards are much lower than the US.  Don’t expect much from a 4-star hotel.
That’s all we can think of right now.  And as a disclaimer, this is purely our experience.  Take it or leave it, it’s up to you.  But just remember to have fun!!! 🙂  Because we did!

4 thoughts on “Honeymoon, and Tips for Traveling to Europe!!!

  1. You are right. The food in Northern Italy is not good but when you have a chance, do travel to southern Italy because the food is so much better and its a whole different atmosphere. Northern Italy is very much like Europe and the south is more Mediterranean in feel. My Grandfather was from Bari and he always said that Venice was overrated and smelled bad! Now I have to take a look at those wonderful pics you took!

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