If You Eat Meat, You Want to Read This!

Have you ever heard of a deal that’s too good to be true, and not trust worthy?  Me too, and plenty of times.  But not this one…  I assure you, this is real, and require almost no work!

I’m about to share a deal on Omaha Steak Burgers.  By doing the following steps, you can get 12 four oz burgers and 8 five ounce burgers for $1.98, shipping included!!!  Don’t believe me?  Read on…

1.  Geico Priviledges is a new website that helps people finds deal and savings.  It’s kinda like a Entertainment Book except online.  If you sign up, you will get a $25 gift certificate code to OmahaSteaks.com (I just check this, and am not sure if they are still offering this since it doesn’t say it on the main page anymore.  WIthout this coupon, you won’t be getting the whole thing for that cheap, you would just be getting free 12 four oz steak burgers with first purchase).  If they are still doing the coupon code, they will email it to you at about 2 hours after you sign up.  So be patient. [Reading the fact it’s Geico?  Don’t worry, you don’t have to change your insurance or anything, this is just a side thing that Geico is doing and promoting.  You do not need to switch insurance!]

2.  Click on this link to and sign up for Omaha Steaks newsletter and you will get the email that gives you the link to the 12 Free four oz burgers.  Of course, this only works if you don’t recieve their newsletters already, but if you did, don’t be sad, just use another email address!!!  I usually have a “junk mail” email address to sign up for stuff like this.  hotmail and gmail or even yahoo can give you free email addresses!

3.  Once you receive the coupon code from step 1 (if they are still doing it), go to the email from step 2, shop around and find the 12.99 items, which for me was the 8 five oz burgers, but 8 polish sausages are also 12.99, so if you don’t want that many burgers, then do sausages!!! Either way, add your 12.99 item of the choice to cart.  Click on your cart to check out.  The check out process is four steps.  First you need to confirm your billing address – you can pay by credit card on their site or paypal.  I did paypal because it’s easier for me.  Then you will need to confirm shipping address.  Click continue and it will take you to payment and reivew.  A 13.99 shipping charge had been applied at this step, and you will see a empty box for coupon or gift certificate code.  This is where you copy and paste the code from step 1 to that box and don’t worry about the Pin number.  Click apply and viola, your shopping cart should say $1.98 for total payment!!!

I did it last night and couldn’t believe it myself, and what is more unbelievable was that after an hour, I got an email from Omaha that my order has been processed and shipped!!!!

So I’m hoping Geico Priviledges is still doing the deal.  Good luck and please let me know if step one still works.

NOTE:  Worry about getting too much junk email?  Don’t forget after the CAN-SPAM law passed, all e-newsletter type emails are required to have a way for you to unsubscribe.  So after you receive your lovely free beef, just click on that unsubscribe button in the email and smile gleefully on your awesome new deal and the no junk inbox!

NOTE 2:  Worry about too much burgers and it’s no longer the summer season?  Don’t forget that burgers are made of ground beef, so you can always use it as ground beef in different dishes!!!  4 burgers will equal a pound of ground beef!!!

NOTE 3:  I am not affiliated with either companies!  I am sharing this purely on sharing my love of finding awesome deals!!!

NOTE 4:  As much as I love this deal, I was not the first one to find it.  I first heard it from Money Saving Mom and she heard it from Catherine.  So thank you ladies!!!


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