Ziggy Finished, FINALLY!

I officially now know what people mean when they say they have “Second Sock Syndrome”.  Let me tell ya, I did NOT want to make the second one, for sure!  I actually finished the first one on 10/03 on the flight on the way home from Europe, but just couldn’t get started on the second one.  But being such a project person, I couldn’t start another project without finishing those, so I made myself finishing them:

Pattern – Ziggy by Meg Meredith
Yarn Used – 313.2 yards of Schaefer Yarn Co. Anne in Green and Tan
Needles – Option size 1.5 and 2.5
Gauge – 8 sts per inch on size 1.5
Knit – September 08, 2008 to October 18, 2008
Modification – Used size 1.5 for toe, foot and heel, then switched to size 2.5 for the leg and cuff.

I am so glad this one is done.  I think I lost steam for the whole Pentathlon thing.  I haven’t been enjoying the patterns they chose and the lack of time to knit it doesn’t help.  There are so many patterns out there that I want to knit instead of the socks!  Lesson learned – don’t commit to anything longer than 2 or 3 patterns in one thing!!!

Onto the next big thing…


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