A Much Overdue Thank You

Right before the wedding, the girls at SnB throw a bachelorette party for me.  They told me we are just going to our usual spot for some drinks.  However, I did not expect these:

So a big shout out to Anphoe, Archiknist, CostumeChick, Wife”Mom”Knitter, YankeeL, Knelley, LeopardGirl, Minniepurl, and Pat.  I got lots of yarn, candles, and things better left unspecified (don’t want to be spammed!!!)  Costumechick made me this awesome keepsake box that I just absolutely love!!!

And Costumechick also made me this:

Isn’t it awesome!?  It’s my head piece for my wedding.  I wore it during my reception.  So pretty!!!

So Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!  You all know how I feel about you bitches so I won’t re-emphasis.

EDIT:  How can I forget Nutmeg Knitter???  Thank You!!!!!


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