We Are Back!!!

We landed on Friday afternoon and the best man was kind enough to pick us up at JFK.  We were exhausted from the awesome trip that we ended up doing NOTHING when we got home.  Well, not true.  David’s mom came and brought Bruno back (she watched Bruno while we were gone and my brother watched Mick and Vanilla).  We hung out with her a bit with TV and Internet (we didn’t have either in Venice!!!).

Needless to say, the trip was marvolous and we loved it.  Although towards the end of the trip, we were a bit home sick and really miss the dogs, and we also missed the fact that people actually speaks English to us!  We also took lots of picures!  Ok, maybe I took a lot of picures, but I can’t have them all on the blog, so I’ve uploaded them.  But I’m trying to put all the captions on so it’s going to be awhile when that is ready.  So in the mean time, i will distract you with these pictures from my mom#3 Sheryl.

See that awesome bouquet I’m holding during the Rehearsal?  CostumeChick made me that!!!!

(click for bigger pictures!!)

Those are all I got so far, but as more pictures come in I will try to get them all into one place and share them with you.


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