Mystery? Suspence?

But they weren’t either of those! Mary and Carol Higgins Clark, the dynamic mother/daughter team, who were at the Pine Orchard Club in Branford speaking for their new books: Where Are You Now? and Zapped!, sponsored by RJ Julia.

I’m so excited I got to meet them. You see, A Cry In The Night by Mary is the first English book I’ve ever completed reading and understood, so Mary holds a special part of my heart. And I have to say, despite the fact they both write mystery and suspense novel, they are actually both very funny in person! I had a really good time listening to them talk. I hope they come back when they tour for their next book!

And on the way home, I captured this image:

Isn’t that a great picture?

I’m off reading the new book.


4 thoughts on “Mystery? Suspence?

  1. OMG!!!! I am SO jealous of you!!! Everything seems to happen on the east coast. I would have loved meeting those two women – and so glad you got the chance. Excellent!

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