It’s Here! It’s Here!


My paper is here! For the wedding invitations! Here is a close up –

This paper is actually part of my wedding guest book and I was so excited that I found the paper so I can relate the two!

I bought this set awhile back and I couldn’t believe I didn’t blog about them!!! Oh, and I bought them at the Littleput Books before they were even featured in any of the shows!!!! If you need anything custom made, go ahead and email Ryan, she is brilliant!

And here is the Stardream Bronze cover stock that I plan on using to make the invitation covers. Now I just got to buy couple more things to make it all pretty!!!

Of course, the paper is not the only thing that is here. Spring is here also!

I have no idea what these flowers are for, but they are all over the yard!! So pretty.

And my magnolia tree is having buds! Can’t wait!!!

psst… I am very very close on finishing chart B of Moondance!!!


7 thoughts on “It’s Here! It’s Here!

  1. Beautiful paper…your wedding is going to be gorgeous!

    The little purple flowers are called “Glory of Snow”~~I have them in my garden too!

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS paper! And I’m extremely jealous you have a magnolia tree – they are my favorite flower. Thanks for the updates!

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