Pay It Forward, Part 2

Awhile ago, I have offered up the Pay It Forward when I left a comment on Octopus Knits‘s blog. No one signed up on my blog, so I had forgotten about it. Today, Octopus Knits showed up at SnB with this:

And it contains these:

Snowflake wash cloth in organic cotton and snickerdoodles!!! The cookies are delicious (I already ate 3!!!) and the cloth is soooooo soft!

Thanks so much Octopus Knits! And it is nice FINALLY meeting you! 🙂

As for those of you who are still interested participating, just click above and leave me a comment!


5 thoughts on “Pay It Forward, Part 2

  1. What a cool gift! I’ve been wanting to do the PIF, but I’m afraid I have too much on my plate right now 😦 What’s the time frame? I might be able to do it if I have, oh, 6 months or so 😉


  2. PIF is such a fun! I’m happy that you liked your pressie from Octopus, it looks lovely! I just have one PIF going on and now it’s my turn to spoil people around 😉 I hope that you get many participants anyway!

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