Let It Snow… Again!

I think this is the third or forth snow storm this year in CT.

Doesn’t that look like an old movie or something? But it’s just the window screen. The way the snow was crusted onto the car make me think of chicken pot pies… Maybe I was hungry.

We went out to dinner at Jalapeño Heaven in Branford. We found this restaurant a couple of years ago when we first adopted Mick. That faithful night, Mick happened to have a very good meal – my Coach purse and David’s Spyder jacket, all in one night (that’s about $600 worth of goods!) In order for us to not drive him back to TN where we adopted him from, we had to go out and drive around, and just calm down. Well, we found the restaurant and had a great meal and when we got home, all the sins were ALMOST forgotten. So this is what we had tonight:

My brother’s Chimichanga

My order of Tamale and Enchilada

David’s enchiladas

Don’t they look yummy? I also had a glass of sangria with dinner. YUM.

So I finally finished the stitch practicing square – I have the stitches memorized and it is such a great stitch that I think I’m going to make a scarf out of it!

Yeah I know… Need better light. Oh well. Until then, back to making the Schaefer scarf swatch!

7 thoughts on “Let It Snow… Again!

  1. Love that stitch. I am going to have to try that. I am going out to dinner (kid free!! oh yeah!) and I was going to get steak. (Texas roadhouse) but now I want mexican! I love me some burritos!!

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