Catching Up

I’ve been busy. Busy with research. Research for what? You asked. Well, it’s not definite yet, but David and I are looking into opening a yarn shop. YES, a Yarn Shop! We already have a name for it, but we are still in the planning stage. We’ve been going around to see some retail spaces and I’ve contacted several people for whole sale info and consignment info. I will be meeting with my friend this Thursday to go over some other details regarding in yarn. So far everything is looking promising and I am super happy about it. The shop will open on week nights and weekends, so I won’t be quitting Schick any time soon – gotta make sure I survive first! Plus I always wanted to open the yarn shop during those hours anyways – because I don’t know any shops that opens on Sundays and late on every week night.

I will keep you all updated as the plan develops.

On the knitting front, I have done 3 repeats of the chart B on MoonDance and I also started the pig for my hot cocoa pal. It will be her “Beat the Winter Blahs Buddy!” I don’t have any pictures as my camera is dead and I can’t find the charger. Of course, I got Archiknist right at my disposal for questions so it is going smooth sailing. Speaking of Archiknist, click over to send her some love – She broke her arm and her chin while running (tripping is such a tricky thing!) so she will only have limited knitting time.

And one last thing, Cass is running her post #444 contest so click over and enter! Don’t forget to tell her I send you over!


9 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Hooray for yarn!! Having a yarn store that is open at night and on the weekends would be great. It is so hard to go to a LYS during the hours that I have free. I usually have to settle for ordering online but if I want yarn NOW I have to go to the mega-craft stores. I hope that this works out for you!! Maybe you will need part time employees who will work for yarn?? 😉

  2. I think your camera charger and my camera charger ran away together!

    Also, I think it’s a great idea to have a yarn store open on week nights. You have no idea how many times I’ve wanted to make a pit stop at Yarn Barn after work but of course they’re closed.

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