I Was Thinking…

Have you ever use that phrase before? Every time I used that phrase to begin a conversation, David goes, “uh-oh, what are you thinking now?”

This time, I thought of what I want to do with the invitation. I’ve been thinking long and hard, but couldn’t really finalize it, something was missing or not quite right, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. But this evening, I got an email from one of the wedding sites and I browsed through the invitations pictures, and it hit me – not like a ton of bricks because it didn’t hurt. I now know exactly what I’ll have. I better get busy ordering the stuff.


5 thoughts on “I Was Thinking…

  1. Holy Moly, I went and saw the cake Karen mentioned… wow… scary!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading about your wedding plans… it was so fun when I planned mine.. it’s like reliving it a bit!

  2. Not even sure how I got to your blog now, but WOW did I enjoy looking at your wedding plans link. You two are some of the most organized people I’ve seen – and congratulations!
    I’m a knitter myself and that’s probably how I got here – and enjoyed every minute of it, too!

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