Honeycomb Update

So I sat on my butt all day to work on Honeycomb, and here is the first sock in it’s full glory:


Here is the view off my foot:

Now I’m going to bed, because in 50 minutes, it will be a special day. But before I leave, just let me show you how outrageous Mick is sometimes:

That is me sitting OVER him on the coach because he refused to leave my seat! No, I’m NOT sitting on top of him, those are just my legs and my monkey blanket over him. Soon he go too hot and moved down, with a big sigh.

Here is a picture of my pretty girl being pushy:

Even when she is pushy, she is so darn cute, especially with those cute little bows! (can you tell I can’t get over how cute those bows are on her?)

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