Cookie Swap #2 and Honeycomb

Last night, I went to the Thursday SnB and did the second cookie swap. Of course, my camera had to die right then so I didn’t snap any pictures, but click over to Anphoe’s to see some pictures.

On knitting front, I finished two more ornaments and gave them out, one to Anphoe, and one to David’s admin at work. I have also receive from Schaefer Yarn a ball of Anne and the Honeycomb Socks pattern for model knitting. However, I have an issue:

As you can clearly see, it is not 9 stitches/inch, nor 12 rows/inch, which is what the pattern called for. What size needles was I using for this swatch you ask? Size 0. Yup. I already sent an email to Schaefer to see what they would like me to do – I really don’t want to buy new needles, but to do these socks, and if the stated gauge is correct, I don’t see how I can avoid it. Plus, I don’t think there is any circulars that small!!! I’ll have to use DPNs!!!!!!!!

One thing I do have to say though – the yarn is very lovely to work with and the color is gorgeous! Lets take another look at the swatch, shall we?


On swap news, I joined the Mmmm… Hot Cocoa Swap. Everyone who knows me at work knows not to bother me before I have my cup of cocoa – I drink it like it’s coffee. It is only appropriate for me to join in this swap, especially when the swap is closing on MY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

David and I are leaving tomorrow morning to go to Michigan. We’ll be there for a few days, but I’ll be blogging because lucky me, they have wireless 🙂 Until then, I leave you with this (I stole it from The Mad Knitter):


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