Thank You Andrea :)

Most of you don’t know who Andrea is, in fact, all of you who reads my blog don’t know who she is. Andrea is my Secret Santa from Christmas Around the World Knitters Swap. She had put together a beautiful and very thoughtful package together for me. I was too excited and couldn’t wait until Christmas to open it!

The package included 2 balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze, 2 patterns – Sahara from Stitch Diva Studios and Ariann from Chic Knits, 3 bags of puppy treats, 2 bags of gummy bears from HARIBO – one regular and one in Christmas edition, a mystery novel by Elizabeth Peters, 2 heart buttons, 2 CDs full of German Christmas music – at least I think they are Christmas music :P, and a bag of wedding bells 🙂

Of course, one of the requirement for the swap is to include something knitted by the Santa, and here is what she knitted for me:

Isn’t it gorgeous? I absolutely LOVE IT! Although it is a little cold to wear it now, but you can bet that it will be one of my staple wardrobes!

Andrea, thank you for being my Secret Santa. I enjoy getting to know you via email and I hope someday I can meet you in person so I can give you a big hug! So for now, I’ll give you a cyber hug –



10 thoughts on “Thank You Andrea :)

  1. Hi Jenn,

    this is a great morning now: first I found some nice comments on my blog and than – when Thunderbird finally showed up the new messages – I found your confirmation that my package arrived at last. Hooray!!!

    Krista looks so fab on you but perhaps I am not the best judge because I loved knitting it for you. The colour suits you, too – I am so relieved.

    Ok, more in the next email.

    Btw: It is not really christmas music – mostly love songs from well known German singers. The girl singing is Annett Louisan.

    Feel tightly hugged


  2. Your Krista top really is gorgeous! And it fits you just perfectly! (and looks great on you – cute photo 🙂 Your entire swap package is so very nice. Andrea certainly is thoughtful 🙂

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