1000 Islands in Winter

David and I went up to 1000 Islands this weekend to drop off my ring to get the wedding bands welded together. When we got the rings, there were couple things we didn’t like so we decided to meet with the jeweler at Syracuse to get it fixed right. But before we left the beautiful 1000 Islands, we went around town and took some pictures:

Bruno eating snow

Two more ornaments completed while driving up

Bolt Castle on Heart Island

Bruno’s paws

Wellesley Island

My rings before we gave them all to the jeweler to be fixed!

The Hart House – where the reception will be

After leaving 1000 Islands, we went to Utica to see David’s family. Everyone came up for dinner and learned and celebrated Hanukkah – with lots of good food and stories! No, I’m not Jewish, nor is David, but Sheryl is and we all had a good time learning what Hanukkah is all about and the significance of lighting the Menorah.

We came home today, stopped and visited David’s best friend and his family, while watching Patriots game and eat take out. It was an exhausting traveling weekend, but I had a lot of fun.

Did you have a good weekend?


4 thoughts on “1000 Islands in Winter

  1. What a nice day and what a beautiful place. To top it off – more pretty ornaments. I’ve made 5 so far, and I’m hooked. They’re so much fun to make! Thanks for the inspiration.

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