Let It Snow…

When I went to SnB today, I walked out to encounter this:


A pretty snowflake on my jacket!

And when I came home later on, I figured out the ornament I’ve been trying to make. The pattern I was following is here, however, it wouldn’t really cooperate with me, so I frogged it twice and made up my own instructions. For those who doesn’t have Ravelry access yet, here is the instructions again:

Pattern – Knitted Christmas Ornament Covers by Judy Sumner
Yarn Called For – Small amonts of yarn, either sport or worsted/bulky weight
Yarn Used – Small amounts of Manos del Uruguay in #100
Needles – Harmony size 7
Gauge – N/A
Knit – December 02, 2007 (in couple of hours)
  1. Cast on 12 sts using your favorite knitting in the round method – I used magic loop.
  2. Join the ends and knit the first round.
  3. Rnd 2: *yo, k1* – resulting 24 sts.
  4. Rnd 3: Knit
  5. Rnd 4: *yo, k1* – resulting 48 sts.
  6. Rnd 5: Knit
  7. Rnd 6: *yo, k2tog*
  8. Repeat Rnd 5 and 6 until work measures 2 inches from the center and ends on a knit round.
  9. K2tog all the way around – resulting 24 sts.
  10. Knit
  11. *yo, k2tog*
  12. Knit
  13. Repeat item 9 to 12 again resulting 12 sts.
  14. Insert the ornament (mine is 3 1/4″ diameter)
  15. Use tubular bind off.

Weave in the ends on both sides and pull tight to close the bottom hole or you can leave it loose as a decorations. Viola!

Note: Although this pattern is a modified version of another pattern, please respect the copy right of the designer’s creativities and do not use this pattern for commercial use.

One thought on “Let It Snow…

  1. The snowflake-on-your-jacket picture is amazing!

    I love your knitted ornament. I’m going to try that. Thanks for sharing.

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