Dinner and Knitting

What else can make a girl smile and be happy on a Friday night?

I defrosted a pork tenderloin this morning and came home to realize that it is not pre-marinaded! I franticly searched Food Network website and found THIS recipe.

Okay, if you know me, you know I don’t like carrots, but I got it for the picture 🙂

For the pork tenderloin, instead of using fresh lemon, I had some lemon pepper seasoning on hand, so I mixed it with some kosher salt and rubbed it away – took total of 15 seconds! However, the cooking time is not as fast as the recipe said (more like half an hour, not 6 to 8 minutes). For the applesauce, I used apple cider instead of fresh lemon juice, also with local honey too!

We heated up some frozen veggies and made white rice to go with the whole thing, but the recipe is super easy to make and it was actually very quick! Well, I do have David to thank for helping me peel the apples while I prepare the pork. Everything was super delicious that David and I both have two healthy helpings!

So on the way home, I picked up a copy of the Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts – so many pretty patterns that I want to make! Last year, I made mitten ornaments for everyone, and this year, I already found a perfect pattern. You see, we don’t really buy Christmas gifts, maybe just for our nephew, but not everyone else, which suits me just fine, because Christmas is about the family and the time spent together, the retail world had made it about shopping, but not in this household!

Also, I am almost all set for the package that I’m preparing for my Christmas Swapee. I hope she’ll like it. And I do have one more surprise, but I can’t say who is for and what it is yet. Probably not until after Christmas – or at least until the person receive the gift package.

By the way, we DVRed the Shrek Christmas Special on abc so we’ll be watching that now.


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