Happy Thanksgiving, Belated

To all my friends and family!

This year we had a quiet Thanksgiving. David’s mom came and that was it. We actually have hot pot for late lunch (yummmm) and cooked a whole Thanksgiving meal later at night. We were only going to have the hot pot in lueu of the turkey meal, but work gave us each a turkey, so we donated one to the CT Food Bank, and cooked one. Here is our menu:

  • Honey Brined Smoke Turkey
  • Real Mashed Potato
  • Sweet Potato from this recipe– we only put half of a banana in and it turned out VERY banana-y, I would modify this recipe if I was to make it again.
  • Cranberry Sauce – half of the recipe, minus the sugar, instead, I used Brown Rice Syrup
  • Pumpkin Pie – I couldn’t find sorghum flour, so I used tapioca flour instead, and I used honey I bought from the farmer’s market instead of regular sugar for the filling.

Everything turned out so great. We had so much food and leftovers that our fridge almost couldn’t hold all the food we have (we have a big fridge!) Of course, the day was accompanied by football games on TV and some knitting.

The next day, we had potato pancake from this recipe for breakfast, using the leftover mashed potatoes. I had it with Chinese hot sauce… sooo good! After breakfast, David and I went to Clinton Outlets to find him a pair of shoes and some candles for my Christmas Swapee:

We went to Yankee Candles first and we ended up finding some very fall-ish tealight candle holders for our wedding next year. We took all 14 of them on the shelf as they were only $2 instead of $4.99 when we first saw them at Yankee Candle Village when we went to the Big E in September. Along with the candle holders, we got two of the tart burners for our table as well. I also picked up a jar candle for my Christmas Pal – Christmas Cookie Scent. Can you see all the cookies with sprinkles in the jar?

After we picked up David’s new shoes, we left the crazy outlet. There really isn’t anything that we need and it was just too crazy. We vegetated on the couch for the rest of the day, which in my opinion, is awesome.

Saturday, David went to work. Yes, you read that right, work! I went to Primerica training for the morning. In the afternoon, we watched a few movies on TV – Cop and 1/2 and The American President. They were both very funny and easy to follow, highly recommended for a nice relaxing afternoon movie. Don’t get me wrong, they are not some spectacular movies that won many Oscars, but they are just easy, fun movies to watch.

We decided that today, Sunday, need to be different. Instead of sitting on our comfy couch, we googled and found the Punk Rock Flea Market up at Hartford and also the Christmas Theatre Banquet. We decided to go to the flea market today, and purchase tickets for the show closer to Christmas.

On the knitting front, I’ve been trucking along with Diamond Spires. I need to get it completed by November and I’m pretty close to completing, with only 4 repeats left to go. I’m hoping I can get it done tonight, but I realized awhile ago that I am a slow knitter, so we’ll see…

Off me go to have some Turkey Shepherds Pie and more knitting. GO PATRIOTS!


7 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, Belated

  1. You’re very brave to go shopping on Friday!
    That turkey looks yummy! It makes me want to go fix myself a plate of leftovers. 🙂

  2. The cranberry sauce picture is similar to mine, except I use orange juice instead of water.

    How was the Punk Rock Flea Market?

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