12 Repeats Done…

… 12 more to go. This shawl is going pretty slow for some reason. It could be the center decrease is not always followed by yarn overs and I keep doing the yarn overs so I keep having to fix it…

I think I need to either start something or pick up something to make in between so I don’t get bored with this pattern. It really is a nice and easy pattern and when I’m in a groove, I can really go fast, but unfortunately I haven’t able to do that. Maybe I’ll finish my Irish Hiking Scarf that I started awhile ago but ran outta yarn. I purchased yarn awhile ago so I can finish the scarf, but I haven’t picked it up yet. This would be a good chance for me to finish 🙂 I’m gonna go wind the yarn now.


One thought on “12 Repeats Done…

  1. Your shawl is looking good. I know what you mean about needing other projects to break up the monotony of a big one. I checked out the Irish Hiking scarft – what a beauty! Can’t wait to see yours.

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