Hemlock Ring, and More

First up, Hemlock Ring Blanket, in its unblocked glory:

Pattern – Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood
Yarn Called For – 600 yards of heavy worsted weight yarn, Cascade Ecological Wool used, Latte (8063)
Yarn Used – 1/2 skein of Farmhouse Yarn Sweater Skein in Wine Rose
Needles – Denise size 10
Gauge – N/A
Knit – October 10, 2007 to November 04, 2007
Modifications – None

Despite the yarn breaking and giving me a hard time, This is a very quick knit, although it can get kinda boring at the end. I ended it where Jared ended his and since it isn’t blocked, I don’t have the exact measurement. But I do love the color. I have some leftover yarn, I might make one for myself in the future. If I get a chance to block it before my mom goes home, I’ll post another picture.

So any of you out there watch the Patriots game? What a game! Glad that they had a good come back! Speaking of football, I was very impressed with NBC network. All the NBC family network is having the “turn the lights off” initiatives to raise the awareness of being Green, and to educate their watchers the importance of environmental issues we are facing. At the half time game of Cowboys vs. Eagle, they turn off the lights and light the candles, and the anchormen talked about the upcoming segments from Arctic, Antarctica, and Equator – How much have changed from the past 10 years. It is great that a major television network is doing such initiatives.

Well, 25 hours a day sure is great, but it doesn’t last. Night all.


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