Nashville, Tennessee – Day 1

I can’t believe I am actually here already! I mean, it seems like I booked the conference only yesterday! But here I am, sitting in my hotel room, with the downtown Nashville staring at me back…

The very grey sky of Nashville

On the flight here, I worked on HRB and watched Foodnetwork – I flue Jetblue. During the duration of the flight (almost two hours), the yarn only broke twice, once while I made a yarn over, which was good, because it wasn’t stitches down a few rows, time it was actually like 10 rows down!!!! I found it when I stretched everything out to see what it looks like. No worries, I got it all fixed 🙂

I got to Nashville safe and got my rental car – I got a Outlander, it’s pretty cool because it’s high up but it’s not exactly a SUV. I took the above picture while stopped at a red light.

Nothing exciting happened today but i will be going to few yarn stores tomorrow, if I don’t get lost!!! Or if the weather willing.

Oh, guess how much this bottle cost me? Well, cost Schick:

$3.50 + Tax. I buy them at Stop and Shop for a dollar. nuf said.

2 thoughts on “Nashville, Tennessee – Day 1

  1. I was going to buy an outlander before I found my fit. I like small SUV. Have fun going to some yarn stores. Did you leave room for yarn in your luggages? 😉

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