*NOT* Rhinebeck

I couldn’t resist the title, because I’m sure in the next day or so, there will be many blog posts title Rhinebeck, aka NYS Sheep and Wool Festival, as many of my fellow knitters had gone to.

Instead, I went to leadership training on Saturday AM, and then right after, David and I drove to my cousin Tracy’s in NJ for a Haunted Luau:

When the racer meets the pirate
The hosts – Tracy and Jason

Me, Tracy, and Paul – this one is for the fam

Of course, what else would I be doing while I’m sitting down in a party:

Knitting! Secret of the Stole!! And watching the Red Sox kicking the crap out of Indians!

And here is the progress of Secret of the Stole:

This stole has two points to start and the direction had asked to start them simultaneously using the same ball of yarn, however, I can just see the disaster. So inspired by Costumchick, I also cast on only the left point, and will be breaking the yarn and make the right side soon. Maybe during tonight’s ALCS Game 7. GO RED SOX!!! Oh yeah… Check out the new addition of the house!!

Like I said, I couldn’t leave the TV home when it was only $1099.99 for this 42″ LG TV!!!

We left Tracy’s after game 6 was over (which was about midnight) and got home around 2am. I took a nap, woke up at 6am, and picked up Karen at 7am and set out to Farmhouse Yarn Sale. If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ve known that I’ve been having a lot of trouble with the yarn I bought from Farmhouse awhile ago. And you would’ve also known that Carol had very promptly emailed me back and give me $50 credit towards new purchases of yarn. So there we were, walking into the front yard at 8:01 am (they open at 8am!!). We were the first one there and none of the bins were opened yet!!!

It was cold to start the day, but it warmed up with the beautiful sunshine:

Casey and Erica, the two very helpful ladies – Carol wasn’t there today

Supposedly this is the last sale Carol is going to have, and everything else goes to the new yarn store, Connecticut Yarn and Wool, about 10 mins away from her house. So she has this deal about fill 1 bag for $159 and fill 2 bags for $189. Now, who in their right mind would just fill 1 bag when you can fill 2 bags for almost half of the price? (not me) We were there so early and didn’t have to fight with others to look at the bins, I was done in record of 90 mins!!! (Karen was way done and waiting for me! I’m a slow shopper) And here is the loot:

The loot!!! And Mick trying to get into the picture on the right!!! 🙂

The loot: Andy’s Merino (L to R, T to B) in Wine Rose (2 skeins), Turkey Red (3 skeins), Watermelon (2 skeins), Lavender (7 skeins), Cranberry 3-ply (9 skeins) and Sunflower (10 skeins). The top right is Silk Blend in Spiced Pumpkin (5 skeins), on the top step are 9 free doily patterns and 1 ball of cotton crochet thread for my future blocking use.

Yes, I filled the two bags with 38 skeins of yarn. I also had some leftover credits from testing knitting for Carol awhile ago, so the two bags really didn’t cost me anything! AND they didn’t take the giant sweater skein of yarn back, so I might just finish the HRB:

HRB in its the current stage

And I ordered some Denise long cords for this project as well and it came Saturday:

I’m thinking of keeping the pretty giant sweater skein for future center piece, maybe have some needles stick into it to make it a focal point in my future craft room.

I came home from Farmhouse and crashed on the couch, after all the photographs, of course! I have to say that was a lot of activity/traveling in very short amount of time! Well, now that I am re-energized, I’ll be up knitting and cheering for the Red Sox.



4 thoughts on “*NOT* Rhinebeck

  1. Haha, that’s a great costume!
    Oh and I love the color of your HRB! I saw the skein at S’nB the other day but looking at the blanket now it looks really nice!

  2. Your costume is so cute. Looks like you had fun!
    I love the color of your HR blanket. Hopefully, the yarn doesn’t break like crazy, and you can finish it soon.

    I like the center piece idea in your future craft room. Maybe I should copy your idea and start thinking a center piece for mine. hehe

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