Holiday Knitting

I am sure I am super behind on the holiday knitting compare to most of the knitters out there… But I just couldn’t start thinking of Christmas in 80+ degree weather in October! But if as on queue, the temperature dropped to around 60s today and the Holiday issue of VogueKnitting arrived in my mailbox today. (They are reconstructing their site so I won’t bother to link to it since you can’t even go in). It has some very nice pattern in it that I really liked. Also, Interweave Knits holiday issue is coming out on the news stand soon – this is what I don’t get, why is it a separate issue, not part of the subscription? I mean, couldn’t I just add a little more on my subscription? I’m too lazy to go out to buy these magazines and that’s why I subscript them in teh first place!!! I guess it’s just another way to make money… Oh so be it, I got some BN gift card I can spend anyways.

I also received “Needled to Death” by Maggie Sefton today via – it is pretty awesome and you get books for free by exchanging books you no longer wish to hold on to it. Click on my sidebar to check it out. I heard mix review about the book, so I can’t wait for some time to check it out myself. Although, sometimes I wish it is a audio book so I can knit at the same time…

I’m really into knitting books and patterns lately. I borrowed Rebecca’s Rebecca patterns, but they are in German, however, they all came with translations. I’m planning on making one of the vests from it, maybe after I finished the Hemlock Ring Blanket for my mom…

So I bet get cracking then…


3 thoughts on “Holiday Knitting

  1. I am totally with you on the extra issues that magazines bring out – often they have really nice patterns and the issue can kind of sneak past you – and then you are wondering uh-oh did I miss that part, is it all sold out etc. I think IK etc should at least offer the option (and I would buy everything they produce given the chance), there are some lovely new books out at the moment – I have just got the knitting classic style by veronik avery (the mittnes are sublime and worth every penny of the book alone)

  2. You’re not the only one behind on the holiday knitting! I’m stubbornly determined to finish my bath mat before I start anything else. So, hopefully I’ll get going on it before the end of the month!

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