Autocross – Take Two

We liked it so much the last time we went, we decided to do it again! This time, we had two visitors with us:

Jonny and Flynn

Jonny and Flynn are from the UMass Lowell Ski Team. Flynn’s first name is Matt, but everyone calls him Flynn, so I do too :). Jonny didn’t end up driving the car, but Flynn did.

The weather is actually much better this time – nice breeze with no humidity. The sun was in and out of the clouds which made it really nice too.

Both David and Flynn did pretty well, 26+ seconds for the track, not the best out there, but certainly not the worse.

Zoom zoom!

I’m not sure when the next one is (I think this might be the last race for the season!!!), but I know we will definitely be back.

While I was there, I worked on Dad’s vest #2, maybe I will be able to have a FO by tomorrow…


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