Angora Rabbit vs. Angora Goat

Being as scientific as I am, I don’t usually catch any mistakes on CSI, however today, I did.

So anyone who knits or likes fiber as much as I do know that, angora rabbit produces angora fur, and angora goat produces mohair. Both have very soft hand and very brushed look to it.

Tonight, David and I were just watching an old episode of CSI that I’ve never seen before (it’s rare, but it happens) while I was winding some yarn, Catherine and Nick found some “angora” on the boy’s body. Catherine proceeded to say that the angora fiber came from angora goat. Ding ding ding – alarm went off and immediately I said, “She’s wrong!! She’s Wrong!! Angora fiber comes from angora bunny, not angora goat! Angora goat produces mohair!!!”

Ok, I am a dork…


3 thoughts on “Angora Rabbit vs. Angora Goat

  1. Octopus Knits was just talking about the scientific irregularities in shows. I’ve only watch CSI once or twice, but that was enough for me to find mistakes.

  2. I find mistakes in shows all the time. Especially little kid shows. According to The Backyardagins, Manatees live in swamps….

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