Society of Women Engineers

So today, I want to talk about Society of Women Engineers (SWE). I’m actually gonna make a little AD out of this. Why? you asked. Here is why…

I got my first internship through SWE, when I thought I wouldn’t be able to work anywhere. It was in Maine, and it was a research job. That internship taught me two things – Maine in the summer doesn’t necessary mean cool (it was 100F with black flies everywhere) and I hate research. Most of the people would say “oh that sucks that you didn’t like your internship”. I looked at it “Cool. Now I won’t waste my time looking for jobs in research, and I got to live in Maine!”

After that internship, I decided to get involved more with the student section at RPI, so I became the Treasurer. It was a very good experience, even though we were a very small section.

When I moved to Connecticut, I wasn’t very involved in the professional section. Actually, I didn’t even know anything about it. Work sent me to the national conference in Wisconsin and I met Claudia there, who is from Connecticut and belongs to the local professional section. Shortly after that, her and couple of the ladies from there contacted me, asked me if I would take on a position as Section Rep for the local section. I thought it would be a great experience and meet some new people so I decided to say yes.

The past two years, I had been a big part of SWE-CT and enjoyed every single minute of it. Every year, we do fundraiser to raise funds for Jean R. Bear Scholarship – an annual scholarship we give out to girls that are interested in studying engineering, technology, science and math. The scholarship is need base as well, which is rare in the scholarship world now a day. This year, we decided to go with Entertainment books. I really liked them when I was in high school and always thought that was one of the best fundraiser program I’ve seen.

So here is the AD:

I have Entertainment books for sale. They are $25 each and you can get the New Haven edition or the Fairfield edition. If you know anyone who would like to buy it but lives far away, they can purchase it via the link below and the headquarter will mail it to them and give SWE-CT the credit. (prices varies for different editions)

Thanks for your attention for my ramble about my passion for SWE and let me know if you would like a book!

I promise, my next post will be about knitting… hopefully, there will be picture of a FO 🙂


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