In No Particular Order…

Yesterday, Katy, one of the SnB member, had a garden potluck party. I was originally gonna make the Chocolate and Zucchini Cake, but Mick got sick so we ended up at the Vet instead. But I made it up by going to Julia’s Bakery and bought a Peach Pie for the party. I met quite a few people there, and Archiknist and Soozies were there as well. Archiknist came with her new toy and I told David that I want one too!!! 🙂

Today was slow and relaxing. I went to SnB and got to talk with Costumechick. I haven’t seen her for awhile so it was great seeing her again. And speaking of someone I haven’t seen for awhile, Lilith came too! And she brought WIP Clessidra with her! I think I’m gonna either make that or Monkey next. And I get to cast on as early as now, if I want to, because I finally finished my first pair of socks for Summer of Sock 2007:

Pattern – Falling Leaves by Jessica Landers on
Yarn Called For – 2 Skeins Koigu Painters Palette Merino in #823
Yarn Used – 2 Balls Reynolds Soft Sea Wool in #0650
Needles – 2 Addi Turbo size 2 circular
Gauge – 7.5 sts per inch
Knit – July 05, 2007 to August 12, 2007
Modifications – Universal formula sizing, Magic cast-on, 2×2 Ribs

This pattern was an easy knit and a great introduction to lace. I love the way it came out and I really like the yarn I chose – I think solid yarn show case the pattern much better than the variegated version. I knitted both socks at once and I think it’s a great choice and from now on, I might just do both at the same time! I actually didn’t use 2 balls and I think I might actually have enough left to make a pair of ankle socks. We’ll see what comes out of it.

Right before I went to SnB today, I found out a local Farmer’s Market that happens on Sundays – I am so excited because usually they have it during Wednesday on mid-day and Saturday mornings, which both are bad for me. They had been expanding it and added Thursday late afternoon/early evening and Sunday during the day. I stopped by before going to SnB and bought some fresh peaches and a blueberry lemonade – yum!

Not much progress was made for MS3… only 20 rows into the Clue 4…

After SnB, I decided to use the giant zucchini my brother brought home:

I tried the recipe “Sweet Potato & Zucchini Frittata” from Moosewood Restaurant New Classic. Besides sweet potato and zucchini, it calls for onions, eggs, cream cheese, garlic, milk, smoke cheddar, marjoram, salt and pepper. I love Moosewood cookbooks – although it is vegetarian, I think anyone can find something in there that they like! My friend introduced me to Moosewood back when we were in college and now I have almost all of their cookbooks!



5 thoughts on “In No Particular Order…

  1. your Falling Leaves socks look awesome, I love the feel of the yarn, I think I am going to start hunting Koigu now.
    Man, no wonder why you had so many recipes for zucchini, you did have a huge one!! The Frittata looks yummy!

  2. Those socks came out great! I love the Moosewood cookbooks too. I wish they had nice color pictures, though–not for me, but because my husband only likes cookbooks with lots of glossy pictures.

  3. The socks are gorgeous …and wow, that is some zucchini! The frittata looks delicious! I’m a fan of mooswood cookbooks, too.

  4. Congrats on finishing the Falling Leaves – they look awesome! I love that pattern too, but I don’t have the right yarn for them yet.

    That’s some zuch! I saw a girl riding a bike around the camp site last week with this huge one tucked under her arm. So strange. hehe

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