Falling Leaves and Butterfly

So I finally made some progress on my socks… Yes, I admit, I am such a bad SoS member! So without further ado:

Falling Leaves with Heels!!!

I since made a little more progress, but not enough to take another picture. The most important thing is that I now have TWO heels 🙂

And I’ve spotted this yesterday coming home from SnB in our garden:

Beautiful Butterfly!

I haven’t seen butterfly this big in real life in the US. Isn’t it beautiful?


8 thoughts on “Falling Leaves and Butterfly

  1. You found a pair of socks in your garden and you’re knitting a butterfly? Check your picture placement. 🙂

  2. your socks looks really good, I can’t wait to see them in person and you have to teach me how to do toe up too.
    Did you know Anya(at work) is a knitter also? We should have a SnB at lunch time at work 😀 hehe…

  3. Hey they look great! Congrats! I was looking at that pattern on Sunday – it didn’t work for my yarn, but that pattern is still on my radar.

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