Okay. So I’ve been thinking about this whole Ravelry thing. A lot of my SnB friends had joined and either had received their invites or on the waiting list. There are currently 17000+ people joined and about 1/3 had received the invitations.

This thing looks pretty cool – you can enter your stash, WIPs and FOs, and you can search FOs from others so you can see what other’s look like. You can blog and have threads also about subjects – overall, it is very interesting. You would think I joined at once, but I have not. With so many people joined and on the waiting list, I am not sure if I should join or not. It is still on the beta version.

So my question to you, my dear readers, should I join, or should I not???


5 thoughts on “Ravelry

  1. I joined up a little on the late side… still waiting on my invite. The way I figured it… it can’t hurt and I might enjoy it. I’ve got a while yet anyway.
    And joining at this point you don’t have to make an immediate decision about whether to start using it. It’ll have had a fair amount of time in Beta by the time you get your invite…
    Go for it!

  2. I’ve been having fun with it. I’d say get on the wait list. If you don’t use it, you don’t use it. But I think you will like it.

  3. No harm in joining. I seconf what Marla said–if you don’t use it, oh well. But if you don’t even sign up, then you definitely can’t use it.

  4. I initially didn’t want to join because I already had my yarn & projects organized (my spreadsheet includes a column for what I might like to make with a particular yarn), but then I figured I might as well, for the same reasons everyone else mentioned. But I’ve really been enjoying seeing pictures of other people’s finished projects, which is always my favorite part of reading blogs too. So I vote for signing up–you could always skip entering your own yarn & projects if it seems like a pain.

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