Harry Potter and the Order of Pheonix

WARNING: If you have not yet seen the movie, please DO NOT continue to read this post until you do so. This WILL spoil the movie.

If you are expecting a lengthy 3-hour movie like the previous movies, you will be absolutely disappointed. It has all the essential from the book, but not everything. The movie started off with Harry facing the dementors in the muggle world and got expelled from Hogwarts, then was transported to Sirius’s house until the trial. The movie did not elaborate on Percy, who had since graduated since the 4th book and started working for the Ministry of Magic, and distant himself from his family because of his belief in his own career. Tonks, who has the purple hair, suppose to be in love with Lupin the werewolf, and die in the book, but that was not in the movie either. Sirius, however, did die like the book described. Also in the movie, it really showed Ginny had become a very strong witch, although maybe still immature, but strong, in numerous places of the movie.

Overall, I think the movie represents the 5th book, however, I wish it had showed more characters. David and I went to the IMAX 3D version of this movie and had awesome seats for it. Although only 20 minutes of it was 3D, but it was still worth it – it was during the time when they were in the Ministry to retrieve the prophecy. Needless to say, the 3D had a very cool effect on all the actions.

This past week, I had made David sit with me and watched all the previous Harry Potter movies so I can remember what happened and continue with the 5th one. I will be reading the 6th book this up coming week so I can continue the reading to the 7th and hopefully have a happy ending. I am excited to finally get to book 7 and I can’t wait for next Saturday. All my knitting projects will have to wait!

Off me go now!

Edit: Apparently, I got the two books confused!!! Marla kindly pointed that Tonk didn’t die in Book 5 and plays an important character in Book 6. David is currently on Page 88 and that’s a bout an hour of reading… I guess I’ll work on MS3 until he is done then…


4 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Order of Pheonix

  1. Tonks nor Lupin were suppose to die in this movie. They both have significant parts in then next book. I liked how they did some foreshadowing with Ginny. I did not like how they changed who turned DA in, but it worked.

    They are showing The Sorcerer’s Stone for Movies and Mimosas tomorrow. I may go, even if I go by myself.

  2. The movie sucked. Plain and simple. So many things were wrong! The second half of the movie slightly redeemed it, but just barely. And why is Harry a sex object now? Did anyone else notice that? And he totally was not all like “Hey Cho, I know I’m irresistible…now come snog me!” And where was Dobby? And Dung?!

    Luna was my fave in this movie…she did the character justice. Mrs. Figs should have lived up to her crazy cat-lady self–but she didn’t. 😦 I was sad.

    That is all.

  3. The more I think about it, I was kind of disappointed in the movie. You used the phrase that the movie “represented the book” and I think that’s true, but not in a good way. It had all the major plot elements, but it didn’t explain anything and didn’t get you to feel involved. There is no explanation of why it’s significant that Dumbldore uses the phoenix to disappear, or even any mention that it’s Trelawney’s voice in the prophecy (which makes her near-departure from Hogwarts much less sad). The only reason I got teary-eyed at the death scene was because I remembered how touching it was in the book. Sigh. At least the book was good!

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