Quick Update on SoS

I have WAAAAY too many things to blog about, but not enough time, so I’ll just post the quick update on Summer of Socks.

While I was at 1000 islands vacationing and planning my wedding, I had some down time to start my first pair of socks for Summer of Socks 2007. I decided that the first pair would be Falling Leaves, using Reynold Soft Sea Wool in Dark Green.

Instead of doing the toe up specified in the pattern with the crochet cast on, I used the Magic Cast-On by Judy Becker. I modified the size of the socks using the Universal toe-up formula. Unfortunately my feet are way too small for standard size socks pattern hence I needed to learn toe up so I can make my own. On top of using the two new techniques, I also made the socks with two circular needles, and both socks at once! Not bad for a new sock knitter, eh? 🙂

The start of the Falling Leaves

My progress by the end of my trip

2 thoughts on “Quick Update on SoS

  1. Nice job! Jessica (Zarzuela) just finished a pair of those Falling Leaves. I’m now even more convinced they need to be in my queue too.

    I also have small feet, and am usually terribly crushed when I realize that some patterns don’t “shrink” well – Monkeys, for instance. I feel your wee footed pain, and indeed toe-up is a big help there. 🙂

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