Super Bowl Sale!

What Super Bowl Sale? You ask. Well… for all the football fan out there, they are probably busy all day preparing food and drinks for the party they are having, for us yarn addicts, it is the Yarn Super Bowl Sale today!!! I met up with Emily, Suzy, and Karen from SnB at Au Bon Pan and started our “Yarn Crawl” today. We first went to Yarn Garden – All yarn are 41% off! ALL YARN!!! I ended up with these:


1 skien of Skacel Merino Lace in Pink, 10 balls of Louisa Harding Kashmir DK in Pink and 7 balls Debbie Bliss cathay in blue

I plan on using the Skacel Merino Lace for the Moon Dance Stole and Debbie Bliss cathay for Temping II but without the buckle. As for Louise Harding Kashmir DK, I haven’t figure it out yet… Probably a short sleeves sweater for the spring/fall. David is skiing at Vermont this weekend, and he called me last night and said “Honey, just limit to two bags, okay?” HA! TWO BAGS??? I should have gone to IKEA and filled two bags there! But I did well, I like to think – I’ve only filled half of a bag!!! And I have purpose for all the yarn! well… almost.

We then went on to Yarn Barn… The line for the register is absolutely RIDICULUS! I think just for waiting in line is about an hour! On top of that, it was hard to tell what’s on sale and what’s not – all the label fell onto the floor and there was no way you can figure out what to look for either! We left after much of disappointment… I need some smaller size needles, but I ended up just leaving without buying it. There was no way I am standing in line all that time to buy couple of needles.

Of course, we couldn’t miss our weekly SnB meeting, so we went to our usual spot and had a little show and tell. We met Lilith‘s Texan today as well. He is here only for the weekend though. The best part, he was wearing his kilt and knitting by the time we walk in!!! What a man! Only if David knits… nah, he’ll probably be better than me, so I think I’ll keep the craft to myself 🙂

So what was added to your stash today?


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