New Template? Not so easy to use!

So if you have been wanting to switch to the new blogger template, but don’t know how – Google hasn’t really make it easy for us not so code savvy folks, but I finally figure it out – somewhat.

To keep your bottons and the links, You have to do the following once you are in the customize page:

1. Add a Page Element
2. HTML/Java Script
3. Copy and Paste your old code with the bottons and links
4. Hit OK


I just deleted the stuff they “imported” into the new templates and started from scratch.

The only issue I am having right now is with the Java script – the damn thing changes my code every time I save it! Hence the blank space on my side bar right now. I emailed them, but who knows when they are going to email me back…

well, with that, i’m off to my Sunday SnB…

Happy Knitting, and Happy Sunday!


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