YES!!! My laptop had been out of commission for quite awhile with a broken hinge and was in Atlanta for repaire. I finally got it back today!!!

Couple immediate things I want to show off –

My cousin gave me this for my birthday/Christmas! It is SO AWESOME!!!! It even has my blog name on it!!!!!

And right now, it is happliy containing this:

And eventually it will look like this:

Cabled Pullover by Elizabeth Zimmerman from Luxe by Classic Elite Yarn

I also got a new camera, a Canon PowerShot SD630 from Costco, same price to the bottom line online store!!!

I also received this from my friend Joanna:

All 30 balls of it!!! I’m not sure what needle size the swatch was from, but I’ll find out! I will be using it to make the Moon Dance Stole. I think it will be perfect for my wedding since our favorite song is Moon Dance from Van Morrison.

Trip to Michigan was a lot of fun! We babysat our nephew Colin. He is 3 and full of energy.

David is in New Hampshire skiing. It’s been pretty cold all of the sudden!!! Hopefully it doesn’t last too long 🙂

I will be taking my series 6 exam on Tuesday! Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “I AM ALIVE!!!

  1. I LOVE Mooondance! What a great song. There’s a little cafe in The City (SoHo) called Moondance but I didn’t get a good look at it…it might not be a reputable place, if you know what I mean. 🙂 I’m creating my own gal RIGHT now.

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