Vermont and Surprise!!!

Today was a busy day. I woke up at 6:00am to work on my business till around 11:00am, then David and I drove up to Vermont. We went to look at a house up there. It has 1.9 acres of land and the house has 3 bedroom with one car attached garage.

My first snow of the year!

Well, the house was in a very nice location. It is located at town of Whitingham, which is quite small. The house is right on the reservoir and has a nice view of it. The house itself is not exactly I called it “move in condition”. Half of the house is in great shape, but the inside need to be gutted to be redone.

On the way there, David surprised me and stopped at this place! I was so excited!!! We walked around and I found some stuff I really wanted, but I settled with what David found in the warehouse:

15 skeins of elsebeth lavold Classic AL in Desert Night, Luxe by Classic Elite Yarn, and the newest WEBS catalog

You can see why I was excited, right? 🙂 The yarn was on closeouts! It was $3.99 a ball and they gave me 20% discount for buying over $60!!! Basically, my Luxe was free! 🙂 Can’t beat that! I am planning on making Cable Pullover or Cable Cardigan from Luxe with them.

Today was a busy day, indeed, and a very happy day for me 🙂

Happy Knitting!


2 thoughts on “Vermont and Surprise!!!

  1. I miss snow so much already, just knowing that I won’t see much of it down here. Are you serisously thinking of moving to VT?

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