CT Pet Show!

David’s mom came down from Mass for the weekend. We decided to go to the CT Pet Expo at Hartford. The rain had stopped for a bit when we got there, which was very nice, since we parked pretty far away. When we first walked in, I was overwhelmed with all the venders – leashes, collars, dog food, vacuums, dog clothes, just to name a few. They also had some vendors for humans – fudges, socks, country stores, soaps, lotions, etc. From one of the vendors, I got this:

I think the mug said it for itself.

Of course, they also had dog shows, the kind you see on TV, where they judge the best of breed, then best of group, then best of show! We saw two St. Benards, one puppy, one full grown. We didn’t stay very long for the show though, cuz they didn’t have any Great Pyrenese.

We walked around more, and then all of the sudden, I saw THIS:

Giant angora bunny!


Spinning wheel with yarns!!!

Angora Yarn!!!

Of course, I was VERY EXCITED. I got to talk to the lady, whose name is Louise Walsh of Taunton, MA. It turned out she breeds and sells angora bunnies and she is the Creator of the Giant Angora!!! She was at Rhinebeck, booth 35, but I didn’t see her though. We chatted about bunnies, fibers, spinning wheels, and which wool festival to go to. She was nice enough to pose for a picture with me:

Louise and I

I was happy.

More tomorrow. Happy Knitting!


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