Gown No. 3???

So a fellow SnBer told me about Rowan’s new pattern magazine #40 that just came out and it has a gown in it, but in black. I of course check it out immediately: Arwen Ball Gown. The picture is hard to see so I called up my LYS to see if they have the pattern in stock. Lucky for me, they just came in with UPS, unlucky for me, they haven’t unpack yet! So I’m waiting for them to unpack and call me back so I can go over there to take a peak. Just from the outline of the dress though, I LOVE IT! Lauren said she saw it in person at TNNA and think it’s pretty, especially the yarn (Kidsilk Night) they used. So I am just sitting around, patiently waiting, and waiting, and waiting…

In the mean time, I decided I want to knit my Baltic Sea Stole in Crystal Palace Kid Merino, color: Painted Iris.

Also, I am franticly knitting MaryElla No. 2 with modified pattern so I can snap some pictures and enter the Knitty calendar contest. We’ll see how that goes…


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